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Sucaro Freedom Strap- The Travelers Friend

The Freedom Strap bandolier style travel bag is great for the active traveler. This versatile, unisex bag keeps all essential travel items such as phone, camera, passport, glasses, wallet, pens, lotion, etc, close at hand, secure and organized. It is light-weight, ergonomic (so it will be comfortable all day), versatile (can be worn 7 different ways). The Sucaro Full Zipper wallet fits snugly in the bottom or middle pocket so it is pick pocket resistant even if turned upside down but is easily removed by the wearer. The zipper wallet is a small size that fits comfortably in the hand while holding many cards, change and bills and keeping them easily accessible and organized. The other great thing is that because this bag is flat, it can be worn under a coat and is often overlooked as carry-on on a plane. In a day when travelers are being charged for carry-on luggage, a small bag like this is a plus. Choose from leather, canvas or nylon with magnetic closures or clasps. See our travel bags here to purchase.

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“I planned a trip to Egypt when I graduated from my residency program and thought this would be a great thing to have on the trip. It was light and comfortable and held all the things I needed. I would recommend it to anyone who wants hands free security and a comfortable bag.” Jennifer D.




Travel Bag- trip “I do a lot of traveling and I live an active life. I have a young daughter and I need my hands free to be able to keep track of her and still have my things with me. It helps me stay organized. I always know where I put things in this bag. I have a tendency to overstuff my purse and the Freedom Strap keeps me from carrying things around I don’t really need with me all the time.” Laurie L.