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A Sports Bag For the Active Lifestyle

There’s almost nothing that canʼt be done while wearing a Freedom Strap sports bag wrapped around your body. Worn across the back, on the side, in front or as a fanny pack, it keeps things close at hand no matter what you’re doing. How great to have your things with you and not have them be in the way or inhibit ones movement.  Thatʼs why itʼs called a Freedom Strap.

Looking for the perfect gift for that sports enthusiast? This sports bag is just the thing for biking, hiking, skiing, flying, snowboarding and listening to music, kayaking, sailing, running, motorcycling, hunting, skateboarding or just walking the dog.

View our sports bags in leather, canvas and nylon, along with closure options and colors.

Nylon Bag:

Pink Nylon

Sports Bag worn on SideSports Bag on Man's ChestSkier With Freedom Strap Fanny Pack