Man Bag for the Sportsman


The Hip New Sports Bag for Men

Man Bag Sports - Skateboarding

The Freedom Strap Man Bag is great for the active sportsman. It keeps all your things with you without inhibiting your movement. This sports bag is great for biking, hiking, skiing, fishing, snowboarding, kayaking, sailing, running, motorcycling, hunting, or skateboarding. It’s light-weight, ergonomic design is so  versatile it can be worn 7 different ways. Choose from leather, canvas or nylon with magnetic closures or clasps.
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Beige Canvas

Sports Man Bag- Biking“My girlfriend bought one of these bags and uses it all the time. She really likes hers so much but I wasn’t much of a man-bag sort of guy so I didn’t think to use one. Then I put it on and it felt good. I looked in the mirror and I thought it looked good. Now I’m hooked on it and take it everywhere with me.”